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Kelly B. Hunter is a Financial Life Coach, financial literacy educator, advocate, speaker and Financial Freedom Strategist.  As the proud founder of Winning Credit Solutions, LLC, Kelly works with individuals and families to develop frameworks to restore, rebuild and maximize their credit for life-long financial success.  She approaches every client's experience as if she were working with family.  So, when you become a client, YOU BECOME FAMILY.  You should also know that she can be downright relentless when it comes to advocating on behalf of her clients and ensuring that credit reporting agencies are in compliance with their obligations to report accurately and not infringe on her client's rights.  Ultimately, her goal is to make sure that you are positioned to WIN!

Kelly is both a Board and FCRA-certified Personal Credit Strategist, Certified Business Credit Professional, a Freddie Mac Certified Credit Smart Trainer,  licensed Life/Health Insurance Producer, and serves as the in-house credit expert and co-executive producer for Finance Your Freedom, a weekly wealth webcast.  Kelly also hosts a weekly radio show entitled:  Winning Credit Solutions, which airs every Monday at 7 PM EST on Redink Radio Live.  To listen, download the Redink Radio Live app from Google Play,  the (Apple) App store or you can also listen thru Google or Apple Car Play.

Why Should You Want to Work with Kelly?

Kelly is a mother, grandmother, cancer conqueror and widow, who has experienced, first-hand, both the joys and challenges of life. Through these challenges, Kelly has found her passion. It is the sum of these unique life experiences, along with Kelly’s willingness to share her triumphs through the "suddenly’s" of life, that enable this Dynamic Woman to coach her clients to not just understanding, but embracing the overwhelming importance of being proactive, protected and prepared for whatever life may bring. Kelly uses financial literacy to equip families and entrepreneurs  with the education, tools, and resources required to live their BEST lives, pursue dreams once thought impossible, prepare, without fear, for the unexpected and build a legacy of financial security for their children.


Here's why you should WANT TO FIX YOUR CREDIT

You should be concerned about fixing your credit because the truth is, you REALLY can't afford not to. 


Person A and Person B finance a vehicle for $21,778 for

5 years/60 months.

Person A, who has a FAIR credit score of 580-669, will pay a total of $7,050 in interest.

Person B, who has a VERY GOOD credit score of 740-799, will pay a total of $2,287 in interest.

How does the difference of $4,763 break down over the course of five years?

That's a total of 311% more in interest payments;

$952.60 in every year; or

$79.38 every month; 

So, when you look at it broken down in this way - what makes better sense?  $952.60 every year for five years or $149/month for approximately 6-12 months for one of our programs?

STOP PAYING (too much interest) and

STOP PLAYING (with your ability to WIN)!

You've put this off long enough.  Isn't it about time that you invest in making YOU rich and not the banks, credit card companies and lenders?  All we need is 20 minutes of your undivided attention - 15 if I talk fast.  Schedule an ABC Call (Assessments, Benefits and Course of Action Call) with Kelly today and let's decide how we can work together to create a strategy you can afford and move you toward the financial freedom that you desire and deserve.

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We Dispute Based on Facts

How We Work

Our program begins with an in-depth analysis to identify the items on your credit reports that are hurting your scores the most.  We utilize the FCRA (the Fair Credit Reporting Act), the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and a factual disputing methodology to ensure that the credit bureaus, creditors and collectors (credit reporting agencies or CRA's) are not infringing or impeding on your legal right to fair and accurate reporting. Should we find that the CRA's are not in compliance, we utilize the law to dispute inaccurate, erroneous and unverifiable information to maximize score progression.

Facts Matter

The days of being able to say "it's not mine" with respect to negative credit report items are over.  Disputing based on the facts has proven to be an efficient and effective methodology. 

Professional Certifications

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