Credit restoration is a courageous endeavor that requires a mindset inspired by dreams.  But sometimes you're just not sure HOW you're going to get there.  And, sometimes, my clients share that they don't even think it's possible.

And THAT is precisely why scheduling a Consult/Strategy Session with our Founder is always going to be the first step to acceptance into our Program.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not just about deleting erroneous information.  It's about taking the necessary steps, in the right order, to maximize score progression in the shortest possible amount of time.  I ADORE my clients, but I want to make sure that you're positioned to WIN - sooner than later.

So, I ask that you COMPLETE (the form in its entirety) and then hit submit.  Once you become a client, we will challenge every unverifiable, erroneous, misreported and non-compliant item on your credit reports to make sure that you can live the life you want with the credit you deserve!


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