It takes a lot of self-awareness and courage to decide to change patterns and behaviors around money and credit.  It could be that you've been denied for an apartment, credit card, new vehicle or you're ready to purchase a home or start a business.  Or, it could just be that you've come to a place of "I'm sick of this" and something needs to change.  Whatever led you to the decision, credit restoration should be viewed as an investment and not an expense.

However, even with all of that said, we still understand that the reality of the numbers (aka "the paycheck") may make it difficult to add another item, investment or nah, to your list of monthly expenditures.  So, we've tailored our Program to provide options.  There is no one-size-fits-all to credit restoration and our programs reflect this.  Payment plans are also tailored to our client's individual needs.

Our Winner's Circle Program was created for the individual or couple that has ambitious goals and requires an aggressive strategy.

We can dispute the following:


  • Hard Inquiries
  • Charge-Offs
  • Collection Accounts
  • Late or Missed Payments
  • Medical Bills
  • Settled Accounts
  • Public Records
  • Civil Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Student Loans
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures

This Program also provides Members access to following additional benefits and resources:

  • An exclusive VIP Client Experience with scheduled, bi-weekly access to consult with Ms. Hunter
  • Exclusive Access to our Facebook Group - The Winner's Circle
  • FREE Money Mapping Consultation at sign-up (because your "Dollars Need Direction")
  • FREE Credit Resources
  • No Mandatory Long-Term Contracts
  • Additional Monthly Client Support (via phone, email and/or text)
  • You Get to Pick Your Monthly Payment Date
  • Credit Building Tools, Products and Resources to Efficiently Maximize Score Progression
  • Unlimited Referral Incentives
  • On-going Credit Education (even after you leave our program, for as long as you want it)
  • Unlimited Access to a Private Client Portal (for as long as you are an active Client)
  • Certificate of Completion and Exit Interview Upon Program Completion
  • Lifetime Access to Credit Repair Services (NO additional Analysis Fees)
  • 5-Day/4-Night Cancun Vacation (for 2 adults/2 children) upon program completion
  • and MORE TO COME!


Our do-it-yourself credit repair software is the perfect option for the person who is committed to the credit restoration process, but cannot afford one of our done for you programs.  And, honestly, what's MOST important is that we still have an affordable option that can meet your needs.  What's even better is that our software provides a 3-user license.  This means that for one, very affordable price, 3 people can repair their credit.  So split the cost and commit to getting started.

Each software license includes the following:

  • Exclusive Access to our Closed Facebook Group - DIY and Win!
  • FREE Credit Repair Training (including training videos)
  • FREE Credit Repair Resources
  • Letter Vault (containing over 100 powerful credit repair letters for a multitude of unique situations)
  • Specific letters for credit bureaus, creditors and collectors
  • Personal Factual Dispute Strategies
  • Explanations of the Dispute Process
  • Credit Building Tools, Products and Resources to Efficiently Maximize Score Progression
  • Referral Incentives (to our Gold and Platinum Programs)
  • On-going Credit Education (for as long as you want it)
  • 30 days of telephone support
  • 30 additional days of email support

One payment of $249.

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