I'm glad you're here, but can we talk for just a moment?  Before we dive all the way in to your journey to WINNING CREDIT, I need to know that you can commit to about 30 minutes once a month.  Here's something to consider:   your favorite prime-time TV series is about 42 minutes long ONCE A WEEK, EVERY WEEK (w/o commercials).  Not to mention the time spent on daily internet journeys and social medial.  So, if you know that you can't or won't commit to 30 minutes every month to secure your future and change your financial life, then you won't be a good fit for our program.  And that includes our D-I-Y program.

However, if you are REALLY, FINALLY, TRULY  ready to conquer your credit, then let's proceed.

First, PLEASE stop repeating that damaging "I have bad credit" narrative.  That's head trash that's been spoken, promoted and advertised for far too long.  Actually, what you have are credit challenges.  [SIDE NOTE:  Pretty soon, you're going to be hearing that phrase all over the place.  Just know that you heard it here first.  But, I digress.]  We all do our best with the information that we have at the time that we have it.  So, if your credit isn't stellar, that just means that you have some challenges to overcome.  And there's no way to spell CHAllenGE without CHANGE.

We completely understand that financial challenges of any kind can be confusing, stressful and even reach the threshold of depressing, because they can literally prevent you from moving forward.

So, just when are folks checking your credit:

  • If you apply for a new job - they check your credit.
  • If you apply for a new apartment - they check your credit.
  • New car.
  • Credit card.
  • Loan.
  • Mortgage.
  • Car insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • And, sometimes even a bank, before opening a new account.

Bottom line:  EVERYONE is checking your credit.  And if you've been denied, you walk away feeling like - NOW WHAT?  Am I just stuck?  NO. YOU ARE NOT STUCK.  But how many times are you going to be denied OR get the approval and end up paying RIDONCULOUS interest rates for that approval?  By the time you pay off all of that interest, you could have paid for credit restoration (at least twice) and saved THOUSANDS of dollars over your lifetime. #FACTS.

So, I ask you this:

What could you accomplish if your credit score was no longer an issue?  What are your short- and long-term goals?  New house.  New car.  New business.  Slice that FICO pie anyway you want to, YOU NEED WINNING CREDIT.

AND, what if I told you that Winning Credit Solutions, LLC can take you from where you are to where you want to be?  Well, it's as easy as clicking on the BECOME A CLIENT button to schedule a call with our Founder, Kelly B. Hunter.  She'll complete an assessment, discuss the program benefits and then create an individualized strategy (she is THE Financial Freedom Strategist, you know) to get your financial life back on track.  And, even better, YOU have the assurance of knowing that Ms. Hunter will be personally monitoring your progress EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!


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